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Define. This seems to be the pinnacle of our society. For some reason the Human Condition dosen't allow us to live without definition. Definitions and Lables are the things we grasp on to, cling to, when the world has rollen off Atlas' rippling, fleshy arms and we are flung twisting into the unknown. We are spiraling, spiraling, spiraling; we use definitions to build a ladder; a ladder used to climb onto nothing.

Speak. Listen. Observe. Then you shall know me.


I am a circle.

I start here,
and there,

and over there,

and a couple miles into the future.

I e n d e v e r y w h e r e .
Put your finger on me.

You can't.

I change.

I change.

I change.

E y e C h a y n g e.


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